Are You Mad

Branding and creative - London 2022

Are You Mad stands for - Are You Making a Difference? That’s what we’re trying to do with this first closed-loop plastic recycling experiment held within a high street community. Everything in this shop was made out of plastic waste we’ve collected from Carnaby Street. Hyper Local. We’ve collected plastic rubbish from businesses, residents and passers-by in the area and have transformed it into this conceptual retail space and all the furniture and products in it, using our own machines and creativity.

Recycling facilities are only able to recycle a small percentageu0003of everything that goes in the bin, then it’s shipped off somewhere far. Here we’ve managed to recycle 99% of all plastic collected. What if all high streets had a space like this?

I was in charge of all the branding, online and shop graphics, product designs and running workshops 🙂